Atyab al Marshoud

Kislay Silver

125 ml.
65.00 €
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Kislay Silver Atyab al Marshoud Perfumes, Hair Mist, Arada Perfumes
Top patchouli, cherry
Heart musk
Base oud

Kislay Silver Atyab al Marshoud Perfumes, Hair Mist, Arada Perfumes

Infused with patchouli aroma, surrounded by musk and oud, Kislay Silver smells your hair with its fragrance full of elegance and you will feel its irresistible aroma as it surrounds you from the moment you apply it. It does not look oily, it does not load the hair with persistence of more than 12 hours. It is suitable for any type of hair.

Atyab al Marshoud

Atyab al Marshoud Perfumes is a brand of luxury perfumes based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The brand offers a wide range of fragrances, including perfumes for men and women, as well as ouds, attars, and incense.

Each fragrance from Atyab al Marshoud Perfumes is designed to be a unique and memorable olfactory experience. The brand offers a range of scent profiles, from sweet and floral to spicy and woody, to suit a variety of preferences.

In addition to its perfumes, Atyab al Marshoud Perfumes also offers a range of home fragrances, such as room sprays and incense burners, to bring its signature scents into any living space.

Overall, Atyab al Marshoud Perfumes is a luxury perfume brand that combines traditional Middle Eastern fragrance-making techniques with a modern sensibility, creating unique and unforgettable scents for those seeking the ultimate olfactory experience.

United Arab Emirates

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