Eau de parfum
50 ml.
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Petite Junaid Perfumes Perfumes, Perfumes For Women, Arada Perfumes
Top saffron, nutmeg
Heart tuberose, jasmine
Base vanilla, sandal, musk

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Petite Junaid Perfumes Perfumes, Perfumes For Women, Arada Perfumes

Introducing Petite Junior Collection, a captivating fragrance crafted by Junaid Perfumes, designed to envelop you in a world of elegance and allure. With meticulously curated notes, Petite takes you on a journey of sensory delight from its vibrant top notes to its lingering base.

At the outset, saffron and nutmeg dance together in a harmonious blend, creating an intoxicating top note that is both spicy and enticing. These exquisite spices set the stage for what's to come, teasing the senses and awakening the soul.

As the fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals itself with the lush floral embrace of tuberose and jasmine. These delicate blooms infuse the composition with a rich, floral sweetness, adding depth and complexity to the scent profile. The heart of Petite is a symphony of floral notes, evoking feelings of romance and femininity.

As the final notes settle, Petite reveals its true spirit - a whimsical dance of florals perfect for the vibrant days of spring. Its playful character emerges, evoking the joyful spirit of blooming gardens and sun-kissed afternoons. With every spritz, Petite invites you to embrace the light-heartedness of the season, wrapping you in a bouquet of delicate florals that radiate freshness and vitality. Wear Petite and let your spirit bloom with every step, embodying the carefree elegance of springtime allure.

Junaid Perfumes

With the discovery of a treasure trove of traditional oils, exotic fragrances and incense, Junaid Perfumes embarked on their promising adventure in 1910.

The entire collection of Arabic and French perfumes offered by Junaid Perfumes, is the olfactory presentation of over 100 years of experience in combining ingredients from around the world to deliver precious feelings.


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